Movai White Paper

What is Movai?

With the Movai project, we bring an innovative breath to the world of cinema. This project aims to produce movies on its own, thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Movies, by recognizing the entire internet and analyzing all previously made movies, will represent users' favorite genres.
Movai will be a purchasable token and will be released on 3 main networks: BEP20, ERC20 and MATIC networks. It will be available for sale without pre-sale and will be available with a fair launch. Investors will be able to buy and buy from platforms such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and SushiSwap. They will need to own cryptocurrencies such as BNB, Ethereum, and Polygon.
Thanks to these features, the Movai project aims to bring a unique breath to the cinema industry. Automatically produced movies with artificial intelligence technology, users' favorite genres It is aimed to represent an innovative aspect to the cinema industry.
The uniqueness of our product is the most important feature that makes the project attractive. Our product comes across as a project that has never been done before, which increases the attractiveness of the project. Not only will our product be unique, but the films produced will also be unique. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, each movie will have a different structure and will be created according to the taste of the users. Thus, each movie will offer a unique experience and attract the attention of users.
Movai is not only a spectator but also offers an interactive movie experience. It is a system that will allow users to produce movies that they can direct and starring themselves. This system will determine the movie preferences of the users with the help of artificial intelligence and recommend movies according to these preferences. The user conveys what kind of experience you want to have that day, and the artificial intelligence finds him a kind of movie he wants, or begins to create.
It can be said that you set the rules in this universe. Who wouldn't want to be the hero of a science fiction movie in which he has the authority and power and plays the leading role? This project will offer much more than the ordinary movie viewing experience, and it will unleash people's creativity and will give you a new world experience.
Movai will allow users to direct their own movies and make them feel like they are part of the movies. Users will determine their preferences with the help of artificial intelligence and recommend movies according to these preferences. They will watch these movies in metaverses using VR technology and will be able to trade NFT. Movai also allows trading in it using NFTs from movies. This way, they can act in their own movies or sell it to other pieces by paying for the content in the movies.
These NFTs can be thought of as special items within the movies, for example special items such as a character's dress. make purchasing possible. In this way, users can spend more excitement and fun-filled time in movies. In this unique experience, you can be both an NFT collector and experience much more than a normal movie watching experience. It will free people's creativity and make them feel like a part of the movies and give them a new experience. Users will be able to direct their own movies instead of watching ordinary movies, thus stepping into a new world.
Within Movai, users will be able to support the Movai token to watch movies and trade NFTs on the Marketplace. Your project will allow users to direct their own movies and make them feel like they are part of the movies.
In general, this project will allow users to watch movies suggested by artificial intelligence, trade NFT and It was designed as a metaverse universe that offers the opportunity to be the leading role of the movie with VR technology. This project will be an innovative step in the world of crypto, and users will be able to own and receive special items related to movies. It will offer the opportunity to watch movies with VR technology.
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